Review: AViiQ Portable Charging Station

AViiQ recently introduced a portable charging station that also adds organization to your mobile world. Wrapped up in a neat fabric case, you’ll find a wall outlet that plugs into a 4 USB hub. Three of these USB slots are powered via the wall plug. The fourth slot is USB data capable. In the hub itself, is a male end USB plug that unzips and can be attached to your computer. From there it’s a charge/data plug.

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The case has various pockets that allow you to wrap up and stow away your cables. This keeps them organized and useful at the same time. In the last two weeks, I found that this worked very well for most of my devices. I charged my phones, iPod Touch, iPad and a backup battery. The case is very slim when you are using it mobile, and it’s fairly light. It fits great in a backpack. Some devices may not work with it, such as one of my tablets. Note that this is not the fault of the charger, but more of an issue with your device maker and what their power specs are. I also found that when not mobile, this makes a great charging station at home as well. Who says a mobile station has to only be mobile. You should be able to use your stuff to the max.

I’m going to add all my review images at the end. Below is a video from AViiQ I wanted to share which gives a great demo of the product, so you can see exactly what this does.



Specs and features:

-Very portable

-Eliminates and consolidates all those chargers into one ultra-portable, elegant sleeve

-specialized data port allows for easy syncing and data backup while charging

-Dimensions: 10” x 5” x 1.5”

-Weight: Less than 1 lb

-Material: ABS Plastic & Nylon Fabric

-Warranty: 3 years


Product Website:




30 day money back 100% satisfaction guarantee 





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