Piel Frama Classic Magnetic Case for iPod Touch 5th Generation

First off, let me say thank you to Piel Frama for sending my son and I this review case to play with. The Classic Magnetic Case for iPod Touch 5G ($99) is a beautiful handmade leather case. If you have never heard of Piel Frama, it has been around for quite a while, all the way back to my Pocket PC days. You can find cases for all of your iDevices on the Piel Frama website, some already designed for you, some you can customize yourself.

This classic magnetic case has a traditional flip-cover design. In the package, you also receive an optional belt clip attachment. If you prefer not to use it, simply remove it and screw in a replacement cover that goes over the screw hole. Two magnets secure the flip cover on the front. It even has a pocket, which you can use to store things, except for credit cards or other magnetic strip cards, because of the magnets. Volume, audio, and lightning ports are accessible at all times. With the flip cover closed, the power button is under wraps. The cutout on the back for the camera also is open.

I have used a great many flip cases over the years, some good and some bad. One of the features they all shared however, was extra bulk. The Piel Frama case, on the other hand, is very slender even though the case fully engulfs the iPod Touch. Protection wise, the case adds a wealth of bump/drop protection, especially when closed. The case helps provide a nice grip and is very lightweight.

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The case holds the iPod securely in place. It’s a little difficult to get the device out. However, if you frequently switch cases, the leather will conform nicely to your needs, and I think it will be only better over time. The only drawback I see is if you use the camera on your device a lot. This issue really involves all flip cases and not just this one. When taking pictures in portrait mode, you need to keep the cover from flipping backwards. This is where my son and I have differing opinions. He likes the overall feel and design of the case, just not the flip cover. He wants unobstructed view to his home screen and camera at all times. I, on the other hand, would prefer to have my screen protected as much as possible. I would say this case is more suited for adults (i.e. not teenagers). It’s a very classy and sophisticated case, and I love it!

Take a look at all of my pictures below to see the different features and great design.


Specs and Features:

-Magnetic closure system;

-Sync and charge through travel cable;

-Rotatable and removable belt clip (The knob is also removable);

-One money/notes pocket;

-Compatible with iPod Touch loop;

-Soft leather lining;

-Foamy material inside the case.










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