My Zagg!

I wanted to talk about Zagg's Invisible Shield and a great customer service experience I had this past Thursday. You always hear about the negative experiences people have in general so, I thought I would share a good one.

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For Father's Day, my wife had ordered me a custom ZaggSkin for the back of my tablet. There is a mall in Holyoke MA called the Holyoke Mall at Ingleside. It's about an hour away from me but I go here once and a while because they have an Apple Store there also. On one of my previous trips, I spotted a Zagg Mall Cart. If you are not familiar with these, these are basically Independent dealers who resell just Zagg products. I am not sure if it is a franchise, but to me it's kind of the same type of thing. You own and operate your own business but you are backed by Zagg.

The Zagg Cart at this location is fairly new there so I thought I would bring in my skin and have them install it. While I was there I would also purchase an Invisible Shield and have that installed also. (I can't stand installing screen shields as my patience is never up for it). I had talked to the Zagg guy, who I think may have been the owner, on a previous occasion. He was very informative, helpful and seemed like a nice guy, which is another reason I returned to his cart.

I went there after work and had both items installed. He's very quick and professional. He was also very busy. While I was there, he also had two separate customers with iPads, two customers looking at Zagg Skins for their phones and a gentleman inquiring about an Invisible Shield on his phone. This guy has a great set up also, as he is in the middle of the mall in a major area, which is also one store away from the Apple Store.

This is the first premium shield I have ever purchased. I wanted to try it, which also comes with a lifetime warranty. The Zagg rep did an awesome job installing my products and I am very happy with the service and customer support he has provided me. I wish him well in his business. So if you are ever in the Holyoke Mall, check him out.


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