Halloween Getaway

I took a three day getaway to Boston and Salem for the Halloween weekend.  I took this opportunity to really put my iPad to use.  It was very handy and convenient to have in my bag when we were out and about. The only thing that was a real downer was that the hotel wifi was very slow. But besides that, it worked great for downtime and for directions and event info. I did not use it for any work purposes. It worked great with the wifi when I was on the train into Boston on my first day.

Here are a few of the Apps that I have used this weekend as well as on previous visits there. In the past, I used them with my iPod Touch.

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Salem Ma, Official Guide

Free App



Salem Haunted Happenings 2010

Free App


(My Son has this one on his iPod Touch)






CityGuide: Boston




White & Yellow Pages




I visited one of my favorite Apple stores. Here are a couple pics of the big apple in the Boylston St. store. I decided though that I really hate the material that is used in the basically clear stairs. I went up three flights but they really freak me out so I took the elevator down.



I also picked up a nylon messenger bag from a street vendor for $15 bucks. It’s actually not that bad and worked great to carry my light gear with me.  The name on it is ‘Vectta.”I can’t find anything on the web about it but it works for me. I do not think I have found my dream bag yet but this will work in the meantime.

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