Free CoPilot Live Upgrade

This is an important notice to existing CoPilot Live v8 customers. Please see the press release that came out today.

Note: This upgrade offer has been available for a little while, as I received my free upgraded version on my Android device at the end of May. So it’s possible you may have upgraded yours already but you better check to make sure. I just upgraded my iOS version that’s on my iPad this evening.

I have not had a chance to use my upgrade yet but I do like the fact (especially on my ICS tablet) that I can choose my map regions now which helps me manage my memory.

Press Release:

CoPilot Live is offering a free app upgrade to existing users of CoPilot Live v8. Customers can upgrade their v8 apps to CoPilot GPS, the latest in navigation innovation from CoPilot Live.

        Princeton, New Jersey – July 5, 2012 – CoPilot Live is offering a free software upgrade for all existing CoPilot Live v8 iOS and Android USA and North America customers. CoPilot Live v8 customers can unlock turn-by-turn, voice-guided navigation features in the new CoPilot GPS app at no cost. By upgrading, users will continue to enjoy unlimited CoPilot Live navigation, only better, with improved functionalities and free app updates in the future. Plus, all existing CoPilot Live Favorites, Recents, and subscriptions will be automatically transferred.

       “Our CoPilot Live Premium and new CoPilot GPS apps are the most advanced GPS navigation apps we’ve ever produced,” said David Quin, Head of Consumer Applications for ALK Technologies. “We want all our customers to experience the best CoPilot Live has to offer so we are upgrading them for free.”

        Customers who choose not to upgrade may continue navigating with their existing CoPilot Live v8 app for as long as they wish. However, after July 9, 2012, CoPilot Live v8 apps will no longer be sold in the App Store and Google Play. Once the v8 app is removed, consumers will not be able to download it again or receive app updates.


Upgrade Info

We have great news for all CoPilot Live v8 iPhone, iPad & Android North America and USA customers.  You can now upgrade to get the latest and greatest CoPilot features for FREE!

As an existing CoPilot Live v8 customer you can unlock turn-by-turn, voice-guided navigation features in our new CoPilot GPS app at no cost.  By upgrading, you’ll continue to enjoy unlimited CoPilot Live navigation, only better – and with regular app updates in the future.  Plus, we’ll restore all your existing CoPilot Live Favorites, Recents and subscriptions!

CoPilot GPS

CoPilot GPS gives you our latest and greatest navigation features, including alternate routes, drag and drop route editing, and a sleek new user interface designed specifically for the latest smartphones and tablets.

**This upgrade offer is not applicable to CoPilot Live Premium or CoPilot Live Premium HD customers as you already have the latest and greatest CoPilot navigation features, PLUS a free year of traffic!

Here’s how to get your free upgrade:

Important:  You do not need to delete your CoPilot Live v8 app in order to upgrade.

1.    Download our latest CoPilot Live v8 free app update in iTunes or Google Play.  If you purchased your CoPilot Android app from the CoPilot Live Webstore, visit on your Android device to download the latest update.
2.    Launch your CoPilot Live v8 app and sign in with your existing CoPilot ID (email address) Click here if your forgot your password
3.    Tap Upgrade Now. You’ll be asked if you want to back up your v8 Favorites, Recents and subscriptions before upgrading.
4.    Once your CoPilot Live has completed the backup, you’ll be automatically directed to the App Store/Google Play to download CoPilot GPS
5.    When you initially launch CoPilot GPS, sign in with your existing CoPilot ID (the one you signed in with on your v8 app) to activate your free upgrade and transfer your v8 Favorites, Recents and subscriptions. It will take a few moments to restore everything.  Please note if you tap Create Later you will have to go to MyCoPilot > Register or Sign In to complete the upgrade.
6.    On the My Maps screen, tap Get Maps. Choose the map region you wish to download from the list.
7.    Once the map download is complete, the map will be stored on-board your device. Now you’re ready to start navigating!

What if I don’t want to upgrade right now?

You can keep your existing CoPilot Live v8 app until you’re up and running with CoPilot GPS, so rest assured you won’t be left stranded without navigation 





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