Widespread Reports of Serious Flaws in iPhone 5s Motion Sensors

Late last week there were many reports online that the iPhone 5s has serious problems with its motion sensors: the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass. Revealing photos, such as the one that accompanies the report by CNET, give clear evidence of the problem. The CNET photo shows an iPhone 5 on a table next to an iPhone 5s, each running the built-in iOS compass. The phones should show the same reading, but there is a large discrepancy. Similarly, the accelerometer is also error-prone. Gizmodo tested its accuracy by using a racing game that relies on tilting the device to control the action. They placed the iPhone 5s on a level surface and didn't move it, yet the device immediately showed a leftward tilt and sent the car in that direction. For hardcore gamers this is a major issue.

The inclinometer also gives evidence of the problem. Gizmodo compared the reading from an iPhone 5s to that of a standard bubble level and found a discrepancy of 2–3 degrees. They say that testing by others has shown a discrepancy as high as 4–6 degrees. Their testing also shows a problem with the gyroscope that's about the same magnitude.

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It's not clear how many users are affected, but it appears to be widespread. Apple hasn't yet acknowledged the problem. Some iPhone 5s owners have returned their defective phone for a new one, but ended up with the same defect. Others no longer had the problem after getting a replacement phone.

It's not known whether it's a hardware or software problem, but given that iPhone 5 users who have upgraded to iOS 7 aren't having any problems, it would seem to be hardware-related. If so, that can't be easily fixed with some sort of software update or a firmware fix. The problem seems to lie with the new M7 motion co-processor chip, which was highly touted during the iPhone 5s launch.

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