Video of Phil Schiller introducing the iPad mini

CNET has posted a video containing just the segment of Tuesday's event during which Apple VP Phil Schiller introduces the new iPad mini. He makes a strong case for it, and even generates some of the same excitement that Steve Jobs was so capable of. 

In the video he defends the $329 price, comparing it side by side with the $199 Google's Nexus 7 and pointing out how much better the iPad mini is. If you're on the fence and are trying which tablet to buy, check out a great article on CNET titled "Which mini tablet is right for you?" Their "Ask Maggie" columnist gives excellent advice regarding the various considerations. These include: the hardware specs, what type of consumer you are (traveler, commuter, on a budget), the media ecosystem you may already be invested in, and whether the media from the stores of the various vendors are compatible with other devices.

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For me, it's no contest. I'm going for the iPad mini. My feeling is that people simply like iPads better. When they buy an iPad mini, they aren't going to be buying it because they think it's better than a Google Nexus 7. They're going to be buying it because it's an even thinner and lighter iPad.

Tomorrow I place my order. But I still haven't decided which color I'm going to get. If you're in the same situation, check out an article on iMore about some of the considerations in choosing between the black and white iPad mini. Rene Ritchie says that the white border may be distracting -- and that TV sets typically have black borders to avoid this distraction. He suggests that the concern that white iPads may discolor is unfounded, but does note that black iPads tend to show dust and fingerprints more.

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