The Verdict on the Apple Watch, from Twitter and from Kids

So now that the Apple Watch has been out for a while, you've likely read the reviews. Overall, they tend toward the positive but are definitely mixed. But what about regular users? A company called CrowdFlower analyzed more than 30,000 individual tweets on Twitter to get a sense for what users are saying. And a delightful video, embedded below, gives the charming reaction of 11 kids who are introduced to the Apple Watch.

CrowdFlower's data mining of Twitter found that:

• 55 percent of Apple Watch consumers (and potential consumers) are loving the new gadget, while 45 percent have tweeted a less-than-positive response.

• 64 percent of women expressed positive feelings toward the new gadget, while men are less enthused at a 53 percent overall approval rating.

• 56 percent cited the variety of apps when discussing its positive features. Specifically, Apple Watch owners tweeted in large numbers that the health and fitness apps are very useful and accurate.

• Those who expressed negative feelings about the Apple Watch's features most often cited app bugs (22 percent of the time), technical performance (15 percent), and overall design (14 percent).

• 59 percent of Californians are pleased by the gadget—a higher percentage than any other state.

Like the reviews, the response of these users is mixed, but generally positive.

There's a lot at stake. Not only is the Apple Watch Apple's first major new product category since the iPad in 2010, but also, according to an interesting article on PCWorld, the fate of the smartwatch industry depends on how well the Apple Watch does. Just as Google Glass killed the smart glasses industry, so too could the Apple Watch devastate the smart watch market. But if it's a success, all the other manufacturers will likely benefit, including Android Wear devices. Consumers might decide the smart watch is a good idea but then opt for the cheaper device.

MacDailyNews has an interesting take on what will happen if the Apple Watch is indeed a success: "So, which outfits are going to be the first to steal Apple’s Digital Crown, app layout, short and long Glances concept, band designs, Force Touch, Digital Touch, Taptic Engine, Watch OS look and feel, and other original ideas, intellectual property, and trade dress designs?"

It's true. You have to assume that they'll copy many of the Apple Watch features, just as they did with the iPhone and iPad.

In the KidsReact video below, it's fun to see 11 kids age 7–12 introduced to an Apple Watch for the first time. They're surprised that the watch requires an iPhone, and a little disappointed. They tend to like the novelty of it, but don't see it as a necessity. And 7 of the 11 said they'd like to have one. Really cute, and their responses aren't all that different from reviewers. It's amazing how sharp and perceptive and quick they are.

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