T-Mobile to Offer New iPads for $0 Down and $26/month for iPad Air, $22/month for Retina iPad Mini

T-Mobile continues to move ahead with giving customers great options. A couple days ago they announced a free data plan, and now, according to 9To5Mac, they've announced they'll be offering, for a limited time, the new iPads for $0 down and 24 months of payments. The monthly cost for their 16GB iPad Air with cellular data connectivity will be $26.25 per month and $22.08 per month for the retina iPad mini with cellular connectivity. It's almost like getting an iPad for free. For example, if you were to go with a 16GB Verizon iPad Air, you'd pay $630 for the device and $20/month for 1GB of data. With T-Mobile, you'll pay $26/month for your iPad and get 200MB of data per month for free. If you can get by with 200MB of data, the monthly charge isn't that much different from Verizon's, so in a sense you're getting the iPad for free.

According to the post on 9To5Mac, this is introductory pricing from T-Mobile, and it's not known how long the offer will be available.

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If you want a model with more than 16GB of storage, then you will need to pay some money down. For the 32GB model, you'll need to pay $99 down, and $199 for the 64GB model. In every case, the ultimate cost will be the same as if you were to buy the device from Apple.

They're also offering the first-generation iPad mini for $0 down and $17.91 per month.

I love seeing this and hope it opens the way for more options. In addition to T-Mobile's free 200MB data plan, I like AT&T's offering of $25 for 1GB over three months.

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