Rumors of iPad 5 (including mockups) and iPhone 6

Thanks to the purported leak of an enclosure for a fifth-generation iPad, MacRumors commissioned an artist to create mockups of the new device. The enclosure and attendant rumors have suggested that the forthcoming iPad will have a form-factor more like that of the iPad mini, will be thinner, and have narrower bezels on the left and right such that the overall width is less.

The mockup accompanying this post shows the current iPad on the left, the mockup of the forthcoming iPad, and the iPad mini on the right. It's hard to imagine Apple won't emulate the narrower bezel of the mini in forthcoming models. In the past, the narrower edge meant a greater occurrence of inadvertent taps on the display. But while developing the iPad mini, Apple figured out how to have iOS ignore those taps. So why not take the same approach with the larger iPad? Rumors also have suggested the forthcoming model will have other features of the mini, such as the same sloping edges and anodized aluminum on the back. 

Check out the other mockups on MacRumors as well. Together they give you a good idea of what the new iPad will look like.

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It seems inevitable the new iPad will be thinner and lighter with Apple's likely switch to IGZO displays. Apparently this new technology is now ready for primetime. It's sharper and consumes up to 90 percent less power. That means the battery used to power the display can be smaller.

When might we see new iPads? Probably in September or October.

Another rumor made the rounds Friday saying both an iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 may make an appearance later this year. The information came from BrightWire via a Chinese website. The source said the iPhone 5S would resemble the current iPhone 5, while the iPhone 6 would have a 5-inch display and be lighter and thinner.

And speaking of the next iPhone, there's speculation it may come with a new WiFi chip that would offer much faster wirelesss access. The fifth-generation WiFi protocol is referred to as 802.11ac. So you can add this to rumors that the new phone will come in a variety of colors, will have a fingerprint sensor for security, and have a near field communication (NFC) chip.

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