Rumors: 1.5-Inch iWatch Display, 5-Inch iPhone 6 Display

Any rumors at this point are necessarily sketchy, and even more so the current iWatch rumor, given that the Korean site that originally posted it then removed it. That could be because they got further evidence that suggested it was wrong. Or that the information was correct and Apple asked them to take it down. Anyway, according to 9To5Mac, the Korean website DDaily posted an article saying that a forthcoming iWatch from Apple would have a 1.5-inch OLED display, and that it would launch this summer. Plus, 9To5Mac says that the use of OLED suggests that the iWatch would have a curved display. OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode, a technology that some manufacturers are now using for curved displays. I think it's inevitable that Apple will jump into wearable computing. They've already taken so many steps in this direction, including patents and hiring personnel. I'm convinced we'll see an iWatch, and a summer launch would make sense because it leaves fall open for the iPhone and iPad launches.

And speaking of iPhone launches, there continues to be a lot of speculation about a larger iPhone. Some of it entails analyzing Apple's options, given that the company tends to try to avoid making things difficult for developers by having too many different sizes and resolutions in their devices. According to an article on Forbes, the likely size for a larger iPhone would be 4.9 inches. The article points out that the iPad mini came out at the same resolution as the iPad 2, so that developers didn't need to change their apps at all. If Apple were to take a similar route with the iPhone 6—keep the same resolution but just change the size—that would mean an iPhone 6 display of 4.94 inches. It would also mean fewer pixels per inch, such that the display wouldn't be as sharp. Yet it would still have a pixel density of 264 pixels per inch—the same as the iPad's retina display. It's unlikely that most people would be able to see the difference between the current iPhone's 326 ppi and 264 on the iPhone 6.

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While acknowledging that Apple may simply make the iPhone 6 larger without a corresponding increase in pixel density, an article on 9To5Mac opines why it's unlikely Apple would do this. They say it's more likely Apple will increase the resolution from the current 1136×640 to 1420×800. This would keep the same aspect ratio as the iPhone 5s and retain the pixel density. Which would mean that developers would have to tweak their apps. The article says it would be an embarrassment for Apple to lower the resolution, and that Apple has built the latest versions of iOS so that it's easier to adapt to various resolutions.

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