Photos of iPad mini parts begin appearing online

In keeping with the usual progression, first we had rumors, then photos of mockups, and now photos of purported iPad mini parts. The images suggest that rumors regarding the size are true. They also suggest that the headphone jack will continue to be on top (unlike the iPhone 5), that the iPad mini will have the new Lightning dock connector, that there will be a version that connects to the cellular data network, and that it will have the nano-SIM tray. The photos appeared on the website

The latest rumors are that the invitations to the event announcing the new iPad mini will go out Wednesday of next week, with the event being held October 17. Preorders will then likely begin October 19, and the device is rumored to be in stores on October 26. Also, according to AppleInsider, DigiTimes is reporting that the displays for the device are being built by AU Optronics.

The buzz is that the iPad mini will be about two-thirds the size of the current iPad, with a 7.85-inch display. It will be the same resolution as the current iPad 2, suggesting that apps won't need to be written for the smaller display. Instead, everything will simply appear slightly smaller on the screen compared to the iPad 2.

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