Photos and Video Posted of Forthcoming Low-Cost iPhone

Tech website Techdy claims to have obtained the front and back panels of the forthcoming polycarbonate low-cost iPhone and has posted high-resolution photos and a video of the hardware. Mostly, the findings are line with previous rumors: it's similar in form factor to the current iPhone and comes in multiple colors. But there's one interesting difference. Renderings posted online in recent months of the new phone based on schematics from case manufacturers have assumed the multiple colors would extend to the front panel. But according to Techdy, the edges of the front panel will be black for all the various-colored phones. Only the color of the back panel will change. According to MacRumors, the colors will likely be blue, pink, yellow, green, and white.

Techdy says the plastic casing is high quality and feels sturdy — unlike Samsung Galaxy phones. As previously rumored, the phone is just slightly larger than the iPhone 5 (but still with a 4-inch display). They say the left and right bezels of the new phone are slightly thinner than the iPhone 5.

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The many photos Techdy posted include side-by-side comparisons with the iPhone 5, as well as close-up views of the front and back panels.

So the rumors continue to converge, and it becomes increasingly likely they're true. Most of the speculation suggests we'll see this new phone and an iPhone 5S in September. 

Of course, no one yet knows what the price will be, or even whether it will be available in the U.S. or will be exclusively targeted for emerging markets. Apple and other manufacturers have realized that many people in other countries are interested in switching to smartphones but are unable to afford high-end phones. So it's making less-expensive models for these markets.

But Apple doesn't make cheap merchandise, so no doubt the quality will still be high. It will likely save money by not trying to make it as small as the iPhone 5 and by using the less-expensive polycarbonate casing and other lower cost components.

Interestingly, Techdy is already making a multicolored Android phone based on the design of Apple's new phone, and no doubt other manufacturers will copy Apple as well.

Here's Techdy's video of the new phone:

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