PandoraBox - free app for finding new apps and those reduced in price

When I posted about the website, fellow blogger Elizabeth Christian commented and pointed me to PandoraBox, a free app that lets you do two things: 1) see all the new apps that have just been added — you don't need to go hunting through all 20 categoriesand 2) see all those apps that have just been reduced in price or made free. This is a great way to track those specials that vendors offer when they reduce the price of their app for one day. That section has two subcategories, paid and free, so that you can see, for example, just those apps which are free for a day. The Newest apps category is also divided into paid and free. You can check every day to see what free new apps are available. The app also lets you save as many favorites as you want to your Favorites, and if one or more of your apps are on sale, then there's a red dot over the Favorites button. Thanks, Elizabeth, for pointing this out and for your description.

Elizabeth's signature includes a link to this great app page on the Apple website that points you to some of the more useful apps. I think I mentioned it before, but it's worth looking at because the selection likely keeps changing. The page gives featured apps in seven categories: fitness, household, apps for going out, managing money, traveling, getting things done, productivity, and games. There's also a section of Staff Picks, which includes Pick of the Week.

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