New Rumors About September Launch of iPhones, iPads

The big question is not if, but when. That is, when will we see new iPhones and iPads from Apple? There are mixed reports out today, with the International Business Times saying Apple will release all the devices at one big event in September, and the Taiwanese site DigiTimes saying the new 9.7-inch iPad will arrive in September but that a new version of the iPad mini may be postponed. IBT says we'll see a slimmer, lighter iPad with narrower bezels, an iPad mini with a higher-resolution display, an iPhone 6 (an updated version of the iPhone 5), and an iPhone 5S (the low-cost iPhone everyone is expecting). I don't find this report completely credible, with the biggest question mark being the iPad mini.

The post on DigiTimes says we'll see the 5th-generation iPad in September. Like many other reports, DigiTimes says it will have a narrower bezel left and right and that in general the form factor will be more like the current iPad mini. It also says the backlight will be reduced from two LED tubes to one, which will allow for a longer battery life. Apparently Apple's suppliers are already geared up to go into full production of the new iPad. I think all of this is credible.

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DigiTimes, however, says the iPad mini may be delayed. Apple clearly wants to come out with a mini with a higher-resolution screen, but the technology simply may not be ready yet. DigiTimes says if Apple should choose to wait until the technology is ready for a higher-res display, the new iPad mini could be delayed until the end of the year. I think this rumor is credible. Often Apple itself isn't sure what it will do: it all depends on whether the technology is ready.

DigiTimes also said something I hadn't heard before: that Apple is pushing its manufacturers to develop an iPad mini without any bezel at all, like Samsung's large-screened Galaxy Note.

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