New iPad warmer, but not an issue say reports

The new iPad definitely gets warmer than the iPad 2, but is it a problem? A couple recent rounds of measurements say no. RepairLabs ran some tests to pinpoint the source of the additional heat and reported yesterday that the A5X chip in the new iPad runs about 17 degrees Fahrentheit hotter than the chip in the previous iPad. But what does this mean in practice? According to CNET, the new iPad is warmer, but it's not really a problem. They ran a number of tests and found that it gets up to 94 degrees, but pointed out that that's actually less than our normal body temperature. They said that if you had it on your bare lap and were playing a processor-intensive game, it might get uncomfortable after 15 minutes. But for the most part, it's not an issue. And they point out that almost any laptop computer gets hotter just doing normal tasks. iMore also ran some tests, and they, too, found that the new iPad gets warmer, but not as warm as an iPhone. Basically, they say it's a "non-story" and that no one should hesitate to buy the new iPad.

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