More detail on iPhone 5 mini dock and September launch, more iPhone price cuts

There are a number of news items out today regarding the forthcoming iPhone 5, which Apple is expected to announce at an event on September 12. The website BGR is reporting that trusted sources have said that AT&T is planning to start selling the new iPhone in the latter part of September, with the company instituting a no-vacation policy for all employees that will begin then and last through mid-October. The purpose of that "all hands on board" policy is, of course, to deal with the anticipated huge demand for Apple's new phone. Also, AppleInsider has posted extensive detail about the new 9-pin mini-dock connector that will be at the base of the phone. Of course, there are a lot of 30-pin third-party devices out there, and the post says that Apple is expected to make available an adaptor. They say that the new, smaller connector will help reduce the size of the phone and improve transfer rates. And interestingly, the new connector will let you plug into it without having to insure that your cable is right-side-up. It's orientation-independent. AppleInsider is also reporting that Target and BestBuy have cut prices on earlier iPhone models in anticipation of the launch of the iPhone 5.

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