More Detail on the Amazing iPhone 5s Camera, Including Sample Slow-Motion Videos

Likely one of the main reasons the iPhone 5s is off to such a remarkable start is the amazing camera, which has features that no other camera has, smartphone or otherwise. An excellent article on Computerworld gives an in-depth look at the technology inside the iPhone 5s camera, including the value of the larger sensor in letting in more light. The article also discusses the new Image Signal Processor in the A7 chip that gives capabilities only found in high-end cameras. For example, it uses "tonal mapping" to independently enhance the contrast in individual areas of the photo. It also uses multi-zone metering to give you much better autofocus.

The article also discusses the dual-LED flash and how Apple has implemented two different colors of lighting to perfectly illuminate your subjects by drawing on over 1,000 different lighting combinations to meet the needs of a specific lighting situation. And it explains that the faster shutter speed in the iPhone 5s camera allows for capabilities such as burst mode, which shoots 20 photos in two seconds. The shutter speed also makes it possible to shoot video at 120 frames per second, so you can now have slow motion in your videos.

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Of course, iPhone 5s enthusiasts have been posting videos on the Internet showing off the new slow-motion feature. The videos below are a sampling of what's possible.

I especially liked this video of a colt shown prancing in slow motion. The slower speed really helps you appreciate the young horse's spirited energy.

Here's what the camera can do in the hands of an enthusiast exploring visual effects. It gets of to a bit of a slow start, but some of the subjects in the second half of the video are fascinating, such as the falling crayons and blocks and cards.

There are already a ton of slo-mo videos showing off athletic capabilities, especially skateboards. Here's a nice one of a guy dunking a basketball.

This video from Apple's introduction of the iPhone 5s slow-motion feature is a good example of how it works.


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