iVeda helps you stay healthy

I've long been into healthy living. And it's done well by me. So I was pleased to see iVeda recently released, since it's a handy app for helping you integrate into your life my favorite system of alternative healthcare: Ayurveda. What I like about Ayurveda is that it does away with the notion of "one size fits all." Instead, this system that originated in ancient India says that there are different body types and that the way to get healthy and stay healthy varies according to one's body type. Me, I'm a "vata" body type — underweight, uncomfortable in cold weather, light sleeper. Ayurveda says that to stay healthy and balanced, I should avoid raw food, favor cooked warm food, keep a regular routine, avoid cold food and drinks, not exercise too strenuously, etc. It works. I feel so much better when I follow the various Ayurvedic recommendations. iVeda gives a self-diagnosis tool so that you can determine which body type you have: vata, pitta, or kapha. And it suggests what foods to eat based on your body type as well as a range of other tips related to lifestyle choices, such as daily routine. Plus, iVeda gives general information explanation about Ayurveda and the doshas. iVeda costs $4.99. 

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