iPhone users frustrated with AT&T network; Friday's MMS rollout could cause problems

AT&T's network has been in the news lately, with a lot of iPhone users venting about the quality of service. Of course, it depends on where you live. On Tuesday, CNet writer Elinor Mills posted an article about her problems with AT&T service on her iPhone in San Francisco. That set off a firestorm of comments from iPhone users around the country. Today she posted a followup article, summarizing the comments and listing the dozens of locations that people complained about. But as I've posted before, AT&T is working hard to upgrade its network around the country, so hopefully these problems won't last. It's not just AT&T's voice network that is sometimes inadequate, but also the data network is facing challenges due to Friday's rollout of MMS. MacRumors is reporting that AT&T is nervous about the rollout and that there have already been some outages due to preliminary testing. Also, Engadget has a post about Friday's MMS launch saying that the new carrier settings will be available in late morning Pacific Time.

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