iPhone 6 Rumors: 1GB RAM, 1810mAh Battery, No Sapphire, More Photos [update]

Excitement is building toward September 9, when Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 6. Rumors continue to swirl in the blogosphere regarding details of the new device. According to a post on AppleInsider, a newly leaked document suggests the A8 chip will have 1 GB of RAM, the size that Apple has been using since 2012 and that's smaller than competing Android phones. The post explains the tradeoff: more RAM would be nice but it also reduces battery life. The downside of less RAM is that iOS closes background tasks and refreshes tabs in Safari. For its part, Apple never divulges how much RAM a device has. [Update: blogs are now saying that the leaked document that suggested 1GB was misinterpreted and actually was referring to a component other than the A8 processor.]

An earlier rumor said that the 4.7-inch iPhone would have a battery rated at 1,810mAh (compared to 1,440 for the iPhone 5s), and now more leaked photos posted by the French website Nowherelese.com and reported by AppleInsider appears to confirm that. As with RAM, Apple's battery size for the phone is significantly smaller than competing smartphones, with the Samsung Galaxy S5 having a 2,800mAh battery. Apple can apparently get by with a smaller battery because of the 1 GB of RAM and because the new A8 processor will reportedly be much more efficient. Of course, a smaller battery helps to contribute to the phone's being thin and light.

Speaking of battery size, Geeky Gadgets has posted leaked photos suggesting the anticipated 5.5-inch iPhone will have a 2,915mAh battery. The post claims to also have photos of the 5.5-inch phone (which accompanies this post and is pictured on the right) and parts for that phone, but other blogs say the phone and parts pictured other than the larger battery are questionable, since they appear identical to the leaked photos related to the 4.7-inch phone. Earlier rumors had suggested the 5.5-inch phone would have a 2,500mAh battery.

One of the biggest questions surrounding the new phones is whether Apple will begin incorporating sapphire crystal in the display. The rumors have been all over the place. According to a market analyst at JP Morgan, as reported by AppleInsider, it's unlikely that Apple will use sapphire in their iPhone displays this year. He says the costs are simply too high — 10 times more than Gorilla Glass — and that sapphire simply isn't ready for volume manufacturing. He acknowledged that Apple might possibly use sapphire in a high-end, more expensive version of the phone, but feels that's unlikely to happen this year.

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