iPhone 6 Rumored to Have 50% Faster LTE Data Speeds

Cult of Mac is reporting on a post on the Chinese website Geek Bar that says the iPhone 6 will come with a new version of Qualcomm's LTE chip that will allow for data speeds up to 150Mbps, compared to 100Mbps on the iPhone 5s. 

This third-generation chip has been available from Qualcomm since 2012, but Apple hadn't yet adopted it since most of the carriers hadn't yet supported it. Now might be the time. While Geek Bar has been the source of misinformation the past couple days, including the claim that the A8 processor would have 1GB RAM, bloggers are saying that this latest rumor appears to be credible. Now that more carriers are supporting third-generation LTE, it makes sense that Apple would include this upgrade. According to AppleInsider, this LTE chip is not only faster but uses less power. In addition, Geek Bar says the new chip is better than that in the iPhone 5 and 5s because it's less susceptible to heat damage. The post on Geek Bar includes a photo purported to be the logic board for the iPhone 6, with the LTE chip highlighted.

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Apple is widely expected to announce the new iPhone on September 9. Market analysts are pretty much universally expecting huge sales of the device, with Morgan Stanley issuing a very rosy note to investors on Tuesday saying that Apple's share price will likely rise. Morgan Stanley's advice to buy Apple stock now resulted in the stock going up over 100 and hitting a new 52-week high. They claim that this fall's product cycle is going to be different from recent ones, with higher profit margins for the iPhone 6, healthy profit margins for the iWatch, and ever-increasing sales in Apple's online services such as the App Store. All that, plus the expectation of Apple selling over 75 million iPhones by the year's end. According to a summary of the investors note on AppleInsider, Morgan Stanley has a price target on Apple of $110. The stock is currently close to Apple's all-time high.

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