iPhone 6 Case Suggests Position of Sleep/Wake Button to Be Moved to Side

In addition to leaked photos of molds and casings for the iPhone 6, we're now starting to see images of cases created for the device by Asian manufacturers. Of course, sometimes they make cases based on rumored specs that turn out to be wrong. Images of cases posted on AppleInsider show that the sleep/wake button, which until now has been on the top of the iPhone, has been moved to the right side of the phone opposite volume-up button. This detail was also recently relayed by securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has solid inside information and is usually accurate in his predictions. The move is apparently intended to make one-handed operation easier, though the AppleInsider post suggests it could also be indicative of a new feature that would require more frequent use of this button.

In addition to the new location for the sleep/wake button, the leaked photos of the case also suggest that the shape of the phone's volume buttons will be an elongated pill shape, similar to the iPhone 5c. Previous rumors had also suggested that not only would the volume buttons adopt the shape of the iPhone 5c, but also the iPhone 6 would emulate the iPhone 5c's holes on the bottom for the speaker and microphone as well as emulating the phone's back, rounded edges.

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The iPhone 6 is expected to have a 4.7-inch display, with a 5.5-inch model appearing later in the year. The evidence for these sizes continues to mount, though a post Tuesday on AppleInsider said that by one estimate, based on leaked images, the phone would have a 5.1-inch display and 16:9 aspect ratio.

Interestingly, at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair that's currently going on, a case maker has an iPhone 6 display that not only features cases but also metal mockups of the iPhone 6. The video below shows the display, the cases, and the mockups. 


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