iOS 7 May Include AirPlay for Your Car, Free iWork and iLife Suites

iOS 7 is coming this fall, and I'm definitely looking forward to the new features and new look. But there may also be exciting features Apple hasn't yet announced—with hints of these features in the beta currently in the hands of developers. According to CNET, the forthcoming "iOS in the Car" feature will apparently include AirPlay. Your device will communicate with your car via Wi-Fi, rather than having to make a physical connection. A curious developer has located an option in the iOS 7 software called "iOS in the Car over Wi-Fi." Apple announced the forthcoming iOS in the Car at last month's Worldwide Developers Conference. It will let your device communicate with your car's infotainment system in order to do things such as play music, access maps, and interact with Siri — without having to touch your iPhone or iPad. And apparently your device will be able to communicate with your car either via USB or Wi-Fi.

Perhaps even bigger news is the speculation that Apple's iWork and iLife suites will be available free in iOS 7. There had already been speculation that Apple's Pages, Numbers, and Keynote apps would become free simply because Apple's forthcoming iWork for iCloud is apparently going to be free. It would only make sense; otherwise, you might create documents in iCloud, only to find you need to pay $10 for each of these apps in order to access the documents on your device.

Now, according to 9To5Mac, a developer has noticed that the screen in iOS 7 that appears when you launch the App Store app for the first time and which typically shows Apple's free apps available for download, now shows the iWork and iLife suite apps as part of the free offerings. See the screen shot that accompanies this post. Not only are Pages, Numbers, and Keynote listed, but also Garage Band, iMovie, and iPhoto.

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Of course, this could be just idle speculation based on very little evidence, but I'm hopeful that it's true. I'd love to have all these apps for free. And given that services such as Google Docs are free, Apple may need to take this step in order to keep pace.

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