iOS 5.1 rumored for March 9, more Apple TV news

I'm looking forward to Apple's forthcoming announcement, rumored to be March 7. Apple is expected to announce the iPad 3, and now it seems likely that iOS 5.1 will also be announced. Plus, there's a rumor today that a new Apple TV settop device may be coming. And more evidence is pointing to an Apple TV set, though that almost certainly won't be announced for quite some time. BGR is reporting that iOS 5.1 will be released on or around March 9. This sequence is similar to past rollouts: a new device is announced; a couple days later a new version of iOS comes out to support new features; then the new device is available for purchase a few days later.

So far it seems that iOS 5.1 doesn't have a lot of major new features, according to developers who've been using prerelease versions. But there may be features in it that will only be available on the new iPad 3. Also, iMore is reporting that the new software may change the method of fast camera access — a slideup gesture and then shoot.

On the TV front, AppleInsider is reporting that Apple TV has disappeared from Best Buy, which they speculate could be a sign that a new version is coming. They also speculate that it may include the new A6 processor. And DigiTimes is reporting that Apple has selected a Taiwanese company to supply the LED chip for a forthcoming TV set, giving yet more credence to the rumor that Apple will be coming out with a TV, possibly later this year.

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Jim Karpen holds a Ph.D. in literature and writing, and has a love of gizmos. His doctoral dissertation focused on the revolutionary consequences of digital technologies and anticipated some of the developments taking place in the industry today. Jim has been writing about the Internet and technology since 1994 and has been using Apple's visionary products for decades.