Inexpensive Third-Party Apple Watch Bands and Battery Packs Becoming Available

Apple offers a variety of watch bands for their new Apple Watch, and now you have even more choices, thanks to the imminent arrival of bands from third-party vendors. These don't have any official support from Apple, but they give you a lot more choices, as well as offering the opportunity to save money. 

9To5Mac has posted a great overview of the vendors offering these bands. Also currently in Kickstarter phase is an adaptor that lets you use traditional straps already on the market. Casetify actually lets you make your own custom bands using Instagram and Facebook photos. The forthcoming Wipowerband integrates a battery into the watch's band and doubles the battery life of your Apple Watch. Baseus is offering replacement leather bands, but you first need to have Apple's band and then disassemble and replace it with the Baseus band (tools for doing so are included). MyCell will be offering bands that are knockoffs of Apple's bands, but at a lower price. And finally, 9To5Mac points to a forthcoming Kickstarter campaign for the Epik, which is a combination band and case for the Apple Watch.

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