Australian Teen Leaks Hi Res Photos of New iPhone Fingerprint Sensor

Somehow an Australian teen named Sonny Dickson is getting some big scoops, first attracting attention last month by posting quality images and videos of the champagne and gray casings for the expected iPhone 5S. Now he's posted hi-res photos of the fingerprint sensor that's expected to be in the new phone. While one can never be sure the photos are authentic, he insists he's verified their authenticity. The fingerprint sensor is expected to be part of the Home button and to be used to enhance security. Once it learns your print, only you will be able to turn on your phone if you choose to use this feature.

According to the rumors, the new Home button will be convex rather than indented, and will be made of super-hard sapphire crystal. Such material is necessary, since any scratching would interfere with its ability to recognize your fingerprint. Not only will the sensor be more secure, it may also reduce theft when the bad guys realize that if they steal a phone they may not be able to turn it on.

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In addition to the images of the sensor, other evidence for it includes the presence of code in iOS 7 related to sensing, as well as Apple's past purchase of a company that specialized in this technology.

Keep in mind that no one knows for sure that we'll see a sensor. It's still on the level of rumor. Fortunately, we don't have long to wait. Next Tuesday we'll learn all the details, when Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone 5S and lower cost iPhone 5C. iOS 7 is also expected to arrive that day or soon after.

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