Hands-on guide to installing iOS 6; early reviews of the iPhone 5

Macworld has posted a hands-on guide to installing iOS 6. Installation is typically fairly simple and routine, but this overview is very helpful. It tells which devices can run it, and what features won't be available on all devices. It tells what you need to do to prepare to install (that is, make sure everything is backed up) and walks you through the two basic options of either installing "over the air" or installing by syncing with iTunes on your desktop computer. The guide also covers the option of restoring and then updating — wiping your iOS device clean and then installing iOS 6. You can then either set it up as a new device or restore all of your files from an iCloud backup. Once you've installed iOS 6, the Macworld guide explains the several things you need to do to set up your device.

Apple's Maps app is possibly the most important new feature of iOS 6, and Macworld has an in-depth review of Maps, which they call "stunning." The article also goes into detail on other new features, including Siri and Passbook. A separate review covers the newly designed App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store

Early iPhone 5 reviews are starting to appear. CNET describes it as "the iPhone we've always wanted" and says it's "absolutely the best iPhone to date." The detailed review is filled with photos so that you can get a sense for how large the phone is and what apps look like on it. There's also a great video as part of the review. In addition, CNET has a guide to choosing an iPhone carrier.

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CNET has also posted a review of Apple's new EarPods. Their bottom line: greatly improved, but they won't fit everyone. And they have an article on why you might want to wait to buy an iPhone 5. In a few months any initial bugs will be worked out, there will be more accessories, and there will likely be more choices in regard to contract-free carriers.

AppleInsider has posted a roundup of early reviews of the iPhone 5, giving a useful summary of each of the articles, whcih have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Engadget, and a number of other publications.

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