Free video tutorial teaches all aspects of iPad

I've been using an iPad since they first came out, and I knew that there were many useful features that I'm not taking advantage of. But I'm now remedying that, thanks to a free tutorial available in the Mac App Store called SCOTutor and put out by ScreenCastsOnline. Unfortunately, it's only available for Macs. The app is a video tutorial showing all facets of the iPad. It has 24 chapters, such that you can quickly jump ahead to any chapter or subsection of a chapter. I immediately went to the chapter on using the home button and using gestures. I was surprised that I could simply use a four-finger swipe up to reveal the multitasking bar. And that by swiping horizontally with four fingers I can navigate among the open apps in the multitasking bar. And I learned that a five-finger pinch is a quick way of getting back to the home screen. I was also surprised that Safari on the iPad has the same Reader feature that I often use on my Mac. I had never noticed it. This is going to come in very handy. It simplifies a web page so that you can read an article without all the distracting ad content and links and other stuff around the periphery.

I highly recommend this tuturial.

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Jim Karpen holds a Ph.D. in literature and writing, and has a love of gizmos. His doctoral dissertation focused on the revolutionary consequences of digital technologies and anticipated some of the developments taking place in the industry today. Jim has been writing about the Internet and technology since 1994 and has been using Apple's visionary products for decades.