Facebook for iPad finally released in App Store

Facebook's app for iOS devices just received a major update — and finally includes a new interface specifically for the iPad. Hurray! The app is very different from the iPhone app and effectively takes advantage of the larger screen. It includes access to Facebook games, apps, and chat, and a number of other features. Photos are high resolution, and you can flip through them like a photo album. Navigation is optimized so that you can quickly access features and return to where you were. You're able to send a message, see your notifications, share a photo, update your status, or browse your bookmarks without switching screens. For example, a simple dropdown menu makes it easy to scan your messages and send messages without going to your inbox.

This app has been in the works a long time, and there were rumors that its release would coincide with the release of iOS 5, which will debut tomorrow. Reviews are popping up everywhere, including this CNET video review.

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And PCMag.com has a detailed review.

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