Enhance Your Relationship with Syncrohearts Love Game

If you're eager to enhance your loving relationship this Valentine's Day, try the Syncrohearts Love Game ($0.99). It's billed as a game — and it does have gaming aspects, including accumulating points — but its purpose is to help build your relationship in a variety of ways.

The game systematically addresses the three reasons experts say relationships fail: 1) not enough quality time together, 2) lack of communication, and 3) not enough romantic celebration. Game play revolves around drawing cards in four categories. Each card contains an activity and awards points for completion of that activity. The activities can simply be questions to answer or instructions to follow. Note that this app is rated 17+, and one of the four categories is "Hot Stuff Cards."

The first category of cards, Insights, contains inspirational messages, such as explaining the foundation of a loving relationship: trust, respect, cooperation, and communication. The second category, Couple, helps you learn more about your partner by asking him or her questions, such as two things you appreciate about your partner that you didn't notice earlier. The third category, Hot Stuff, fosters intimacy, passion, and romance. I'll let you use your imagination on this one. The final category of cards, 4 Fun, has playful activities, such as planning a holiday together — even if it's just a one-night getaway.

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As you complete the activities in the cards, each of which awards points, the first person to score 100 wins. But obviously, both parties win by deepening their relationship. Game play typically takes less than a half hour. 

The app has won awards: Mom's Choice Silver Award, Family Review Gold Award, and the Best Idea for Humanity Contest Award. And it's based on the award-winning Syncrohearts board game. You can read more about it on the Syncrohearts website. It's important to realize  this isn't a sex game, but is focused on building a relationship. It does contain sexual content, but it's for the purpose of fostering intimacy and romance as part of a strong relationship. 

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