Apple world's largest smartphone maker in 2011, CEO Tim Cook addresses investors

According to AppleInsider, a new report from Gartner shows that Apple was the world's largest smartphone maker in 2011, capturing 19% of the market. And although Apple doesn't make and sell low-end "feature phones," if you add these into the mix, Apple is still in third place among cell phone vendors worldwide — behind only Nokia and Samsung. In the fourth quarter, when the iPhone 4S was released, Apple took home a 23.8% share of the market.

iMore reports on a talk that Apple CEO Tim Cook gave yesterday to investors, showing that Apple believes there's still a lot of room for growth — and that Apple has a plan to achieve that growth. He said that Apple believes that there will be a market for 1 billion iPhones by 2015, with China and Brazil providing much of the demand. Apple vigorously moved into new markets last year, and this trend is only accelerating. Cook also believes that by 2015 tablet sales will exceed PC sales.

Cook also hinted that Apple will be doing something in the TV market, but, as usual, was circumspect regarding Apple's plans. Also, his comments suggested that Apple will finally use its nearly $100 billion in cash reserves to please investors, either via a dividend or stock buyback.

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iMore speculated that Apple, which the stock market now values at over $465 billion, could soon be the first trillion dollar company.

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