Apple Reportedly Plans to Sell Phones for Carrier Plans with Early Upgrade Cycle

Buying a new iPhone is great, but two years later you're wanting a new one and can't wait until your contract ends. Several carriers are now accommodating the desire of fanboys to constantly be upgrading to the latest and greatest by offering plans with early upgrade cycles. And the big news is that Apple is reported to begin selling phones for these plans as part of a pilot program in Apple Stores later this month. 

According to a post on 9To5Mac, many Apple Stores will sell phones for these three plans: AT&T Next, T-Mobile JUMP, and Verizon Edge.

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With AT&T's program, you can upgrade every 12 to 18 months. T-Mobile JUMP lets you upgrade whenever you want. Verizon's program lets you upgrade after 20 months. In every case, the cost of the phone is built into your monthly bill. Sprint also has an early upgrade program, but 9To5Mac said there's not yet any word whether Apple will also include them.

It's great for consumers to have these options. Many people want more flexibility than the standard two-year contract. And it's great that Apple is supporting these options by selling participating in this way.

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