Analyst Claims Apple Has Decided on 4.8-Inch Display for iPhone 6; iOS Coming for Cars

According to a post on AppleInsider, a Wall Street analyst is claiming that Apple has now finalized their design for the iPhone 6. And he says that according to his contacts in Apple's supply chain it will have a 4.8-inch display and will come with the new, faster Wi-Fi protocol called 802.11ac. He said that we can also expect major software innovations with the next version of iOS, including a mobile payments system that will take advantage of iBeacons, Passbook, and Touch ID. Plus, the faster 64-bit processor on the A7 chip being used in the latest iPhones and iPads along with Touch ID will enable new services. Finally, he also said to expect a 13-inch iPad late this year. These points square with what we've been hearing, and it seems likely the iPhone 6 will be larger. He didn't say anything about a phablet, but even that seems to confirm earlier rumors the two larger phones will launch at different times, with the smaller of the two coming first and an even larger iPhone coming later.

In other interesting news, 9To5Mac has posted information and screen shots of iOS in the Car, a version of iOS for autos that Apple will be launching later this year, probably alongside iOS7.1. You can read more about it at the bottom of this page on Apple's website. The information comes from a developer who has apparently successfully activated this feature in the iOS Simulator that developers use when creating apps. The software will let you connect your device to your car's built-in console display, and use Maps, read messages, play music, and make phone calls. 

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The screen shots on 9To5Mac give a good sense for what the interface will look like. Apparently, ever since iOS 7 was released, it had within it references to features and functions of iOS in the Car.

It's great to see Apple moving into this area, since it's yet one more screen that the large companies will be competing to dominate. Apple seems to have a head start.

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