Men: Buy this for your Wife. Women: A Clutch that works with your iPad - finally!

The Clutch by Happy Owl StudioMen. If your wife owns an iPad 1, and they have a birthday or you have an anniversary coming up, you need to look at this purse. Women. If you really love your iPad like I do and want to take it everywhere, take a look at this clutch.

I have never been one to buy lots of purses and bags. The price is usually just completely ridiculous and I can get by with last year's model anyway. But along came the iPad. I love my iPad (so much so I jokingly say I want to Marry it). I want to take it everywhere. I even bit the bullet and went shopping for a new purse so I could bring it with me all the time. Of course regular bags don't really work well. Usually, the iPad gets lost inside them. 

Then along came The Clutch by Happy Owl Studio. The iPad 1 fits perfectly inside and the purse side is well thought-out in its design. I have all the usual things in the purse side, and a snug, protected iPad on the other.

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I have women ask me all the time about this purse. They see me flip it open and start typing on the iPad, then flip it closed and fling it over my shoulder. I can't tell you how many little tours of my purse I've given in the last few weeks in malls and restaurants. Even men ask me how it works!

I understand they are designing an updated version for the iPad 2. 

Here's a bit more about the one designed for the iPad 1:

  • Materials: genuine leather outer;  microfiber inside bezel and on facing page; gray cotton lining with owl print inside accordion pocket; top-stitching
  • Dimensions: 8" x 9.75"
  • Weight: 14.5 ounces
  • Includes detachable, adjustable strap in color-matched faux-leather
  • Strap length adjusts from 2.5' - 5'
  • Full port access
  • Integrated value-added features: horizontal typing angle, horizontal viewing angle, portrait viewing angle

An interesting bit about the design; the flap/snap is used to create a stable angle for viewing different ways. You can angle it best for typing, or for viewing. And the strap can be adjusted for across the shoulders or short for over one shoulder. 

I love it. The Clutch by Happy Owl Studio



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