Handeholder and MightyMeeting -- Power Duo for presenters



Handeholder and MightyMeeting have probably never met. But in my world, they are the best of friends!

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The video interview above with handeholder  was taken at Macworld 2011.

I love MightyMeeting. If you are a presenter, or salesperson, or just love sharing great content, this system plus app is a must-have.

In a nutshell, I can upload a PowerPoint to the cloud through the MightyMeeting website http://mightymeeting.com and then I can decide which device I want to use to start a meeting. There's an app for the iPhone and iPad (and android devices). So, if I use my iPad to start the meeting, I pull up the app, locate the PowerPoint I've already uploaded, and click the Start a Meeting button. 

I now have a unque URL to send to participants in an email, or I can send people to the Home screen of mightymeeting.com with my Room Name to easily join the meeting. If you use any of the popular meeting web programs this is all very familiar, but now people can join my meeting from their iPhone, iPad, or computer (PC or Mac). I can also hook up my laptop to a projector, go to the URL and project the PowerPoint on the screen, while I run around the audience and from my iPad with the handeholder attached and move through the slides with a swipe of a finger, pull up a thumbnail list of slides to move to any I choose, or go back and forth by swiping left or right.

In my tests there is barely a delay between devices at all. Very nice. I can also use their new Discussions system to allow participants access to the PowerPoint slides after the event. So you can store your demo videos and presentations in the cloud and share them in online meetings and discussions from the web, tablet, or smart phone. The Basic version is free and their Go Pro for as low as $4.99/mo.

This is a short tutorial from MightyMeeting. There are more on their YouTube channel.


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