#CES Pre-Conference - What's Emerging - Part Two

#CES Pre-Conference - What's Emerging - Part Two

I could sub-title this post "Making Dumb Things Smart" as that is one of the emerging trends according to Shawn Dubravac, Chief Economist and Director of Research and Ben Arnold, CEA's Senior Research Analyst. All the info in this post and Part One are from their talk pre-conference for the Press.

And the things that make dumb things smart are not new technology - they are things like sensors, GPA, bluetooth. These are off the shelf items that can be integrated into "dumb" things like coffee pots, thermometers, cars, and other lifestyle items.

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For example; smart phones making dumb products smart like a meat thermometer connected to smart phone to text you temperature from the grill. 

One of the products that really caught the eyes and news reporters at the "Unveiling" event was a ski mask that uses sensors to show you things like speed, temperature, altitude in a small lower right side dynamic display. Can anyone say "Terminator?" 

The Digital Camera Forecast says only a 1% growth this next year because that particular market is in a replacement cycle.  What will invigorate it? They suggest that adding GPS to map the photos, adding a foursquare-type platform, anything  that changes the user experience will be necessary to be competitive in this market.

Automotive trends see driving monitor for teens - text messages sent to parents as they drive over the speed limit - etc. There will be more diagnostics, reporting, all influencing driving behavior. The Nissan Leaf is a good example of that.

Internet enabled TV is obviously big this year and it's based on computing power and online connectivity. By 2014 - more than half of TV shipped will be internet enabled (9% this year). Content also coming into it's own - fuller function. And on this note there was a BIG announcement this morning from Comcast that will influence this. Look for a blog post just on this later today! 

Gesture-based technology will also be big, and they noted that Microsoft sold 2.5 million devices in 25 days -Kinect- they said it was the biggest product launch in history.

They also told us to look for these things on the show floor - I'll try to report on all of these. Let me know which ones you would me to find first!
gesture-based products
combined innovation
sensors used for different purposes - redefining existing products
companies responding to consumers

content apps
connecting with home while on the road
Apps enhancing hardware

By the way, I'm here with over 126,000 other tech-loving people! Fun times! I'm still trying to figure out how to upload photos from my iPad to this blog. I might have to post them to the Facebook account - so make sure you go there, too! http://Facebook.com/iphonelifemagazine

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