AmpliTube by IK Multimedia Demos at #macworld2011 #Fender App demonstration


Guitar Lovers - this is for you. WARNING: the second half of this video is LOUD (as it should be).  AmpliTube for iPad version 2 is currently in development with even more powerful features and will be announced shortly. In the meantime, you can check them out here

You can turn your iOS product into the ultimate mobile guitar and bass multi-effect processor and mobile recording studio! You will need to also buy the AmpliTube iRig interface adapter ( to connect your guitar to your iPhone/iPod/iPad and you are ready to rock! 

Note: The free update to AmpliTube 2 contains a single-track version of TapeTrack. The Multi-track version with master effects is available as an in-app purchase for $9.99.

 AmpliTube features:

- Real time mobile guitar and bass multiFX + recording app
- Full rig with 3 simultaneous stompboxes + amp with effects + cabinet + mic
- 11 Stomps, 5 Amps, 5 Cabinets, 2 Mics expandable with 5 Stomps available through in-app purchase
- Single track recorder, with re-amping, expandable to a full 4 track recording studio with master effects section through in-app purchase
- Import and play up to 50 songs for use as backing tracks directly from your iPod library or computer
- Slow down or speed up the tempo (-50% to +200%) of imported songs without affecting their pitch
- 36 presets can be saved/named/recalled on the fly
- Includes tuner and metronome
- Low-latency for real time playing
- FREE and LE versions also available



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