use protection - use a NDA

Sorry for that catchy title, but this post is about NDA aka: Non Disclosure Agreements.

You know, I am posting about "how you can get your own app on iTunes" by using freelance agents or companies that help you make your own app.  And in the beginning of every discussion, project, or idea, there is the NDA. This simple form comes in many different flavors, simply check google on that topic, and you will find a NDA template that fits your needs.

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But what does this NDA do for you? It protects your idea from being stolen. As simple as that. Don't go on any website and post your idea. Chances are that someone reads it, and publishes it in no time. And your idea is gone... Post something that describes the app vaguely without details, wait until you get a response, and make them sign your NDA first!

The NDA just states that the other party is not telling the idea to someone else, and is not using it for themselves. Make sure you have your address and your partners address on it. And it is fine to sign this and get a scanned version emailed to you. Still make your contractor mail you a hard copy as well. But you can start your discussions right away.

I personally use the NDA to test my contractor. You can eliminate easily 50% of them, a good company, or good freelance agent, will deal with this kind of procedure on an almost daily bases. They will respond fast, the scan will have a good quality, and the best thing is: The letter that contains your hard copy! Look at it: hand written address is fine, but does it look like a 14 year old did it? Is the letters a smeared dirty wrinkled mess, or orderly processed. And most importantly, it should also contain a small letter, that addresses you, have a company logo, and should thank you for the cooperation. I know it is stupidly superficial. But who ever fails this test is most likely not valuing you very highly as a customer.

 Cheers Arend


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