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CruxCase Announces the CruxSKUNK™ for iPad



CruxCase has just anounced a new Kickstarter campaign for the new CruxSKUNK, a versatile rotating protective keyboard case for the iPad 2 and the New iPad, transforming it into a compact and powerful laptop. 

The CruxSKUNK™ redefines the iPad* with its exclusive hinge technology, allowing the keyboard to rotate 360 degrees for multiple positions: typing, movie watching and portability.  At an ultra slim 6mm, it is the thinnest keyboard ever developed for the iPad. The case is made with aircraft- grade aluminum making it one of the lightest keyboard cases on the market for on-the-go use. In addition, added foam padding in the case allows the iPad to stay in place and prevents scratches. Built with the look of a Macbook Pro and the weight and feel of a Macbook Air, the CruxSKUNK™ also features Bluetooth® connectivity as well as a raised, full-sized QWERTY keyboard. The case comes with a built-in 350 mAH battery to power Bluetooth connectivity and will only need to recharge once a month depending on usage.

Design Elements

•    6 mm thin keyboard base
•    Smooth modern aircraft- grade aluminum coat matching the iPad exterior
•    Full sized raised above the plane black keys with special function keys on top
•    Foam padding to hold iPad in place and prevent scratches

Functionality Items

•    Patent-pending hinge provides 360 degrees of rotation
•    One-time easy Bluetooth setup
•    Multitude of positions for portability, typing, and movie watching
•    Switches on/off when keyboard is opened and closed



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