Mom's New Brain - Evernote

This app is free* and it will change your life.

What does it do?  It will free your brain up even more than the iPhone does itself.  With Evernote, you can keep track of everything – notes, photos, emails, documents, receipts, birthday invitations, web pages, prescriptions & more.         

You have 5 ways to input items to remember using the app (More on the desktop version).  

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Text: Type in a note
Snapshot: Take a picture of what you want to remember
Camera roll: Tag a picture already on your iPhone
Voice: Record a message or conversation
Email: Evernote assigns you an email address to forward items into your notebooks

I emailed my Amazon order into my Evernote account.  Yes, you can search your iPhone email for items, but it becomes sketchy once they've aged off.  Now, I just go into my Notes.  Type in anything from the order - I searched Root Beer.  Evernote found the documents in my notes that contained the words Root Beer. 


Another Example:  Snap & Tag

Who can remember what printer they have or what ink they use?  With Evernote, you don't have to.  Take a snapshot of your printer or the ink package - I did both.  I went in and put the photos in my "Household Info" notebook and tagged the photos - Ink, HP, Printer, Toner.

When I need to get more ink....I go into my notes, type any of my tag words and Evernote finds what I need.  How simple is that?



The App itself is easy - but the desktop version is even easier to use.  An icon shows up on your top bar to make entering items that much quicker.


Bottom Line:  Worth it!!!

I give it 10 out of 10 iPhones!

*I use the $45 a year version, but most moms can get away with the free one.  The pay version allows for a larger storage space and searches through .PDF & .DOC files. 


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<p>Tracy Sebastian is the wife of a scattered businessman and the mother of four. The oldest is out in the "real world", the second is in college, and the third and fourth are in elementary school. </p>

<p>Tracy's goal is to make the lives of mothers better by sharing her mistakes - so they don't have to make their own. She loves to travel and take pictures and tries to incorporate both into her every-day life. Her motto - "Don't Panic - It could be worse."</P>