Just Jigsaw - Fun for the iPad

I love to Jigsaw Puzzles.  But what I don't about them is loosing a crucial piece, the dusty bits and having to clean it up after all that hard work.  Worst of all - they are not portable....you can't take them on a train, plane, car or room to room.

I have found a solution!! It's Just Jigsaw for the iPad.  It's all the fun of jigsaw without the bother.

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Just Jigsaw allows you to use your own photos to create special puzzles.  You can choose between 3 different sizes, time yourself or orient in portrait or landscape. 

The only negatives I have found are with the piece rotation and piece placement.  Their is a feature for piece rotation.  I turn this off, the "piece rotation" is very hard to control.  With piece placement, you are not able to put pieces together unless they are in their correct spot on the board.  For example, I can have two pieces that fit together - but I can't put them together unless one happens to be in it's exact finish spot. 

Bottom Line:  Just Jigsaw is definately worth $0.99, if you like jigsaw puzzles or to entertain the kids.




From the website: http://www.justjigsaw.co.uk/

  • Solve 25, 35 and 48 piece jigsaw puzzles
  • Choose from 15 beautiful photos
  • Import images directly from your photo albums
  • Peek for a hint if you need it
  • Select from 3 background themes
  • Interact naturally with pieces using multiple fingers
  • Play collaboratively with your friends
  • Rotate the pieces
  • Resume your previous game from exactly where you left it
  • Race against the clock
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