iPhone 5 Rumors


Bigger viewing screen, most sources agree that the iPhone 5 will have a 4” display with a widescreen 16:9 format  making the device longer by about 1/2 an inch. A taller device may mean a taller home screen allowing for 5 full rows of apps.


It will have less glass, making the display more vivid and thinner by .44 millimeters.

The new battery is thinner and features a higher capacity of 1440 mAh. (The iPhone 4S has a capacity of 1430 mAh) It also has a higher voltage and watts-per-hour.

Bottom line: the new iPhone is going to last longer than previous models.


The thinner glass and thinner battery will make for an overall thinner device going from 9.3mm to 8mm.

The new sim card has gone Nano, 40% smaller than the micro sim card that the current iPhone uses, freeing up space for more goodies.


The placement of the headset plug has been relocated to the bottom.  There is space for it because the charging dock will go from a 30 pin port to a 19 pin port. 

What does the smaller port mean?  A new type of charging cord and older docking chargers and peripherals will not longer work.  Rumor states that only Apple will sell a converter for about $10 and extra charging cables for $19.


Along with the audio jack being moved to the bottom, Rumor is that Apple will include a new style of Ear Buds with the device from a supplier in Vietnam.

The new iPhone 5 will be 4G LTE capable world wide - but carriers only offer 4G LTE service in certain areas.  

Verizon currently has 371 cities in the US.

AT&T has 40 cities right now and 40 more coming by EOY. 

Sprint has 19 cities.

T-Mobile has 0, but plans to add some in 2013. 


What does that mean?  That if you are in a city that has 4G LTE, you will get those speeds.  If not, you will get 4G or less. 

Location, Location, Location.


iOS 6 Updates- Not Rumors


The biggest changes will be in the software update.  iOS 6 will have some major changes to current features and will be adding some new ones.  These updates have already been announced by Apple.  


One of the biggest change is to maps. Apple will no longer use Google maps, they will be doing their own sourcing.  The new features will include visual and spoken turn by turn info as well as real-time traffic updates.


A completely new app will be Passbook.  This feature will allow you to keep all your electronic boarding passes, movie tickets, retail coupons and loyalty cards in one place.

Other changes include better Facebook integration with Photos and Contacts.

Photo Streams are easier to share.

FaceTime will work over cellular networks, not just wifi.

New “Phone” features include “Decline with Message”, “Remind Me Later” and “Do Not Disturb”.

Siri will be upgraded and improved, as well as Safari, Mail, Find iPhone and Accessibility for those with sight, hearing and mobility disabilities.


Adding a new feature to the Find iPhone function is Find My Friends.  This will make it easier to share locations with friends and family.  You can also get location-based alerts - like when your kids leave school or arrive home.



Release Date Rumors

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When will the iPhone 5 ship?  Fed-Ex has limited employee travel and cancelled some of their training classes to prepare for a “Surge Volume” Event from September 21-24.  In the past, it has taken 2-3 days to ship from China, to Alaska, to my home. 

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