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UPDATE: I switched back to GroceryIQ.  They have added barcode scanning!!!!

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Grocery IQ (; $0.99)


Everyone has to grocery shop at some point – unless you are lucky enough to have the perfect husband to do it for you (I do!!!) - or you can threaten your teenager!!!

Here are some tips to make shopping more enjoyable if you do have to go…
Sanity Tip #1:
Before going into the grocery store. Put your headphones on and listen to music. It will make the experience much better. Also, if your phone rings, you can shop and talk with both hands on the cart.
Sanity Tip #2:
Get a Grocery App.
I reviewed several grocery apps. I think the perfect app should:
  1. Scroll and select by aisle that’s easy to read
  2. Email list in easy to read format
  3. History
  4. Favorites
  5. Multiple stores
  6. Barcode scanning
  7. Demo Video/Tutorial
  8. Does what it claims
  9. Pleasing interface
  10. Easy to use
My Top App:
Shopper (Midcentury Software; $0.99)

What makes this the best:

  • Great value for $0.99. Does everything the $4.99 apps do and more.
  • Downloadable flyers for your local stores. It’s a bit cumbersome and has a learning curve,
    but worth it when you figure it out.  
  • Uses your location to find closest stores – double bonus when traveling.
  • Has icon to show healthy choices.
 From the App Store:

Runner ups:
Grocery IQ (; $0.99
I’ve been using this app for about a year. It was one of the first and at one point the best. Tutorial available at:
You can’t scroll and select by aisle.
The app store is misleading….it shows pictures of the features that are coming, not what it does now.
Grocery Gadget (Flixoft, Inc.; $4.99) 
Nice app. Not sure if it’s worth $4.99. It does all that it claims to do. There is a short video that shows how to use it at:
The scroll by aisle is a bit hard to read.
Groceries (Sophiestication Software; $4.99)
I bought this when it was $0.99. For that price, it was well worth it. Now it’s $4.99. 
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<p>Tracy Sebastian is the wife of a scattered businessman and the mother of four. The oldest is out in the "real world", the second is in college, and the third and fourth are in elementary school. </p>

<p>Tracy's goal is to make the lives of mothers better by sharing her mistakes - so they don't have to make their own. She loves to travel and take pictures and tries to incorporate both into her every-day life. Her motto - "Don't Panic - It could be worse."</P>