Code Red - Should Women be Offended?

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My friend, Marilyn, sent me this note: "I have a complaint. I read in the San Francisco Chronicle that there is an app called Code Red which allows men to track their wife/girlfriend/whatever monthly cycle so they can prepare for mood swings. Is that true? Isn't that a bit sexist? LOL."

Yes, Marilyn, it's true.  The app does exist.  Is it a bit sexist?  Should women all over the world be offended and angry?  Should we hunt down those MEN and hurt them?  No, they should be given the Nobel Peace Prize. 

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To be honest - men should be warned as they are basically clueless about the female species. Any help they can get to serve US better is a good thing. They should have chocolate ready and be prepared to massage our feet.....or they can feel the wrath. 

To take this a step further - perhaps teenage boys should download this, too.  Maybe then the garbage would be taken out the first time I ask!!!

Bottom Line: For $1.99 - an early warning system is a good idea.

From their website:




Men’s best defense against the monthly Her-ricane.

Men no longer need to fear the wrath of menstrual madness. MEDL Mobile is pleased—and very relieved—to introduce Code Red: a simple but powerful menstrual calendar for men to keep track of—and survive—their girlfriend’s/fiancé’s/wife’s monthly cycle.


What makes Code Red so much more valuable than other period tracking apps is the profound simplicity and ease of use.
All you have to do is set the start day of her most recent cycle, and the app takes care of the rest!
When the tracking starts, Code Red will provide special alert messages for every phase in her cycle. There are five different alerts, and each calendar day comes equipped with a wealth of tips and advice to brave even the most violent of storms.
“Every month, women go through the same ups and downs, but the men in our lives never seem to catch on,” said Lisi Harrison, Co-Creator and Author of New York Times #1 Bestselling series’ The Clique and Alphas.
“Code Red will be a life saver for thousands of guys out there,” said Kevin Harrison, Co-Creator, “Its each guys personal color coded Terror Alert System…”


  • Smooth Sailing Alert --- Let’s you know when she’s feeling like a team player.
  • Horny Alert --- Let’s you know when you’re able to score.
  • PMS Alert --- Let’s you know when to hit the (cold) showers.
  • Ovulation Alert --- Let’s you know when to sit on the sidelines (unless you’re ready to start a junior league).
  • Code Red Alert --- Let’s you know that it’s game time and you’re way out of bounds.


  • Fully automated menstrual calendar
  • 5 special alerts for each phase of her cycle
  • Dynamic animations for each alert
  • Helpful suggestions to survive each phase
  • Links to local vendors for presents, groceries and goods (via Google Maps)
  • Advanced calendar toggle settings
Code Red is the brainchild of Pro Surfer and Humanitarian Jon Rose, and was facilitated through development by husband & wife team Kevin and Lisi Harrison.
Kevin & Lisi have been together for 180 menstrual cycles. The recurring stress that always followed inspired them to find a way to help alleviate their shared aggravation over the monthly houseguest.
Developed by men and women for the benefit of each other, MEDL Mobile, and it’s partners are excited to present this great app and share the many benefits it will bring.
“It’s good for everyone; It’s a giant step towards world peace.” –Lisi Harrison
We are proud to call Code Red a Shiny MEDL Object.


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