CES - New iPhone Cases

Last night I attended "Digital Experience" at the Mirage's Grand Ballroom.  All the BIG guys were there, like.....Google, Yahoo, Sony, Canon, Phillips, Griffin, Powermat, Speck, Dragon Dictation & Morphie.  

There are so many things to write about...so little time right now.  Here are a couple of the cases that I am excited about:

Pong -

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Reduces cell phone radiation to the head by 60%.  Great idea for kids, who's brains are still developing. It's a nice looking case. Very comfortable in the hand.



Morphie -

A new case is coming soon that will work with FloTv to stream live TV to your iPhone that will also extend your battery time.

Their existing Juice Pack Air cases already extend the battery.

Their Marketplace case is great for any small business owner (hair dressers, craft fair booths, PTA, school fairs, masseuses, painter, gardener, landscaper, car washer, Girl Scout cookies sellers)......the potential is enormous.




The have a large, diverse line of case that will match anyone's needs.  The case come with a screen protecting film, which is great when sticky little fingers smudge your screen. 

I spoke with their product development guy (I might have scared him a bit) about designing a case with cord management.  I explained the need for mommies to have the earbuds readily available, at all times, to help drown out the screams of other people's children - or those mommies who forgot to take their Prozac. 



Designer cases inspired by t-shirts.




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