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AccuWeather App = Awesome


With all the crazy weather in Southern California lately, I have been having to check the radar constantly.

Will there be a break in the week-long rain long enough to pop out to the grocery or for the teen-age slackers to walk the dog? The answer is at my finger tips. This an extremely well-designed app, it has every possibly weather tool there is.

Best of all...FREE!!! I would pay for this!! A must have for everyone!!!

Bottom Line: Download!!




From the Help Menu:

Current Conditions
Current Conditions gives you a look at what the weather is doing right now at your location.

Get the weather wherever you go with our animated, user-centric radar/satellite

The Hour-by-Hour(TM) forecast gives you a look at what the weather will be like during this hour and for the next 5 hours.

5-Day Forecast
The 5-Day Forecast gives you a look at what the weather will be like today and for the next 4 days.

Our index section contains the index levels for various types of conditions that could affect a person’s body and overall health.

Risk Weather
Risk shows the possibility of severe weather in your area.

Alarms warn you of impending inclement weather from our 5-Day Forecast, including heavy rain, snow or high winds.

This area shows you official government advisories for severe weather, including winter-related weather, flooding, thunderstorms and tornadoes.

See and hear the latest weather, it's like taking a weather forecaster with you wherever you go! ~T. Posted from BlogPress - Please excuse the formatting.

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