Ultimate Frankenstein: Android on an iPhone

Porting mobile operating systems from one device to another is nothing really new and has been going on for quite a while. Many websites are dedicated to this craft, however this newest update got my attention.

It seems that someone has gone so far as to install Google's Android operating system to an Apple iPhone 2G with fairly good success. The author claims that porting Android to an iPhone 3G is not far behind.

The good news is that you can still use your iPhone like you normally would using a multi-boot loader called, "OpeniBoot" where you can choose to boot into Android or your iPhone's normal OS. The bad news is that while this version runs, it's not fully functional with the iPhone hardware and if you don't know exactly what you're doing when trying to load this, you could make a mess of your iPhone 2G.

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One big issue is that the iPhone was designed with a minimum amount of buttons and the Android phones have been designed differently with a Home and Back button that the iPhone simply lacks so navigation can immediately become a problem. A work around was done using the volume buttons, however for casual use this would be too inconvenient.

Still, it's interesting just for fun to look at the video on the site here. If you've got an expendable 2G iPhone and a weekend to kill, this might just be worth fooling with. As for my 2G iPhone, I think I'll keep using it to entertain the kids when we go out so they can watch their favorite movies.

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