No Power, No Problem! The Ultimate Travel Accessory

The iPhone 3G is a wonderful device to behold. That is, if you have some kind of charging adapter to keep its thirst for power quenched. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, high-speed data, and don't forget that it makes phone calls too. Let's face it, the iPhone can't get too far from a real power source... until now.

Solar Arcadia, a company devoted to solar power alternatives, has developed a curious and seemingly very useful solar charging accessory for the iPhone.

Cleverly disguised as a leather case for your iPhone, there is a large solar cell embedded in the front flap of the case, and a thin lithium ion polymer battery that snaps into the bottom of your iPhone. The battery pumps out an impressive 1500mah at 3.7 to 5 volts and can juice your iPhone when its battery gets low, however the directions are never clear on exactly how long the built-in battery can keep the phone going. Of course, the solar cell is really intended to charge the case battery, not power your iPhone directly even though it can.

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Keeping the charger in the sun or any artifical light source can recharge its internal battery in about 3 hours. If light is not conveniently available, the internal battery can be charged with the iPhone's included charger.

At only $45.95, it certainly won't break the bank and it's available in several colors. They also offer a vertical flip style that has a belt clip built in. Check it out here.

Update: The website is no longer active.



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