Free App of the Week: Now Playing

Weekly review of select 'Free' applications from the iPhone App Store.


This week I will be looking at a movie related program named, "Now Playing".

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Now Playing is an application that I downloaded in the early days of the App Store and it keeps getting better with every update that gets released. Now Playing is an amazing application loaded with so many features that I'm amazed it still resides in the 'free' section.

A single source for all things movie related, Now Playing quickly locates your current postion to help you find the nearest theatres in your area, check movie times, movie ratings, watch the trailer for a specific movie and even order the tickets with participating theatres. Not bad for a simple iPhone application that only takes a single megabyte of space.

The latest version allows you to browse DVD movies that are going to be released with descriptions and estimated pricing. The interface is simple and easy to use and in the settings menu you can disable the pesky location service so it does not ask to locate you every time the application is launched.

Now Playing is a must have for casual and regular movie-goers alike and I highly recommend it.

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